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General Facts


Date palm prickly pear seed argan oil organic
Bild: Martin und Kathy Dady


Morocco has large parts of unchanged nature and rank growth. You find plenty of opportunities for develop natural sources to use natural food, herbs, spices, medicinal plants and many others. These natural treasures also include the Argan tree, the Prickly pear and the Saffron. Further oriental preciousness are delicious pure honey, spices of which very less is required for a dish because of their quality and pureness, the mentioned herbs and medicinal plants which growth undisturbed by Fertilizers and insecticides in biological quality and are available.

Argan oil, Prickly pear seed oil and Saffron – these are natural products from the orient, that we have chosen as a family-run concern. In the following you can find interesting information about our three chosen natural products from morocco:


Argan oil - Prickly pear seed oil - Saffron