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Quality Seals


Quality Seals create confidence and clarity


Just a natural, 100% pure Oil can fulfill high expectations.

Bionaturehouse set for its natural products a value on highest quality standard with regular controls.


ecocert_seal beauty wellness argan oil prickly pear seed organic extra virgin natural whole sale import trade manufacturer supplier dealer Saffron spices

ECOCERT is one of the biggest Organizations for biological certification with registered offices in over 80 countries. It’s a state-approved Test- and Certification-Centre.

ECOCERT Maroc (MA-BIO-602) ensures that our biological products are produced according to EC-ECO-Regulation.

EU-Bio-Seal cosmetics natural argan oil organic food gorumet spice saffron trade wholesale import export supplier producer manufacturer eco cert prickly pear seedOur products and the producing concern are BIO certified, therefore pursuant to EC-ECO-Regulation our Argan oil and Prickly pear seed oil are subject to constant inspections by the state-approved Eco-inspection body ECOCERT (MA-BIO-154). The EU-Bio-Seal, which was introduced and unified in 2010 all over Europe, indicates products from proven organic agriculture. Since July 1, 2012 this seal is compulsory.
AB-Certificate natural cosmetics saffron argan prickly pear seed oil extra virgin first squeeze organic bio eco cert whole sale trade industry spice taliouine morocco import export manufacturer dealer supplier producer plant

Das AB-Certificate (agriculture biologiqe - biologique – organic farming) is the French counterpart to the German BIO seal. It is the official seal of the French Ministry of Agriculture awarded to products from biological cultivation in France.

All agricultural products marked with this guarantee seal must be produced in accordance to EC-ECO-Regulation.

USDA-Zertifikat argan oil organic prickly pear seed eco cert whole sale dealer supplier manufacturer producer saffron trade premium quality

In cause of the agreement between the US and the EU about principally mutual recognition of the national Eco-Standards, a European company which is certified in accordance with EC-ECO-Regulation can sell their products in the US. US-companies which are certified in accordance with National Organic Program (NOP) have the opportunity to sell their products in the EU. An obligatory certification pursuant to the guidelines of standard from the country of destination is not necessary.
Since June 1, 2012 this agreement is valid. Therefore products which are imported from a third country into the EU can be exported without additional certification in accordance to NOP in the US. The requirement is that the last step of producing, for example packaging is done in the EU.