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Saffron (Arabic name) is derived from the Arabic word "safra´", which is translated as "yellow".The suffix "-an" in Arabic means "full of something" - which in saffron the meaning of having "full yellow color". Saffron is already known from the oldest and preserved medical of Papyrus from Egypt, the Ebers Papyrus. In ancient times, saffron has been used mainly as a spice and as a dye stuff and was highly regarded appreciated.

Even today, Saffron is one of the most expensive and exclusive spices in the world. It gives food through its exceptional flavor an individual touch and color. In medicine and even in cosmetics Saffron is often used because of its special active substances.

Saffron should never be missing in any gourmet cuisine, therefore it is offered primarily in deli food, health food and organic food stores. Gourmet restaurant also tend to season their food with Saffron to give their plates an individual and unique touch. Saffron oil is used for cosmetics manufacturing.


Saffron from Bionaturehouse - Premium saffron for your customers or for further processing

Saffron will be added soon to our product assortment.