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Argan Oil Spezification/Packages



Trade name Argan Oil
Country of Origin Marokko
CAS-number 223747-87-3
Description vegetable oil, virgin, pressed from Argan fruit kernels
Extraction/Method first cold press, machine pressed
Properties liquid, color light yellow, smell oily, sweet
Certification certified organic (eco)
Best before 24 month (laboratory confirmed)












  • Glass bottle with a spout (250 ml), laminated label
  • Glass bottle (40 ml), laminated label
  • Airless flacon (50 ml) with box
  • Plastic bottle with spray head (125 ml, 80 ml), laminated label, very good handling
  • Canister (1 l, 5 l, 20 l, 220 l)
  • Metal barrel (about 200 l)
  • IBC-Container (1000 l)
  • including Date of best before + batch number


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