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Competent answers to common questions


What is the difference between Argan oil native and extra virgin for gourmets from roasted seed?

Argan oil native is pressed from untreated seeds and as cooking- or food supplement oil and as cosmetic-, wellness- and remedy oil appreciated. It contains compared to the Argan oil from roasted seeds more active substances. Argan oil from not roasted seeds is extremely light, tender oil with its very own fine smell and taste.

Argan oil for gourmets has conquered his position as exclusive cooking oil and is pressed from roasted seeds. Its taste is delicate and nutty, its color is brownish/golden-yellow.


Why there is a price difference between Argan oil native and Argan oil extra virgin from roasted seed?

The price difference is due to the fact that a pressing from roasted seeds is more fruitful than a pressing from untreated seeds. Furthermore Argan oil native is more often filtered.


Which Argan oil can be recommended, the manual pressed or the automatic pressed oil?

The manual pressed Argan oil is manufactured traditionally by hand the berber women way. Hereby the molding compound or dough is kneaded by hand until the oil flow out. Automatic pressed Argan oil is obtained without manual work. The only difference between both oils is that automatic pressed oil has a longer shelf life because no water must be added during the oil production.


What are the difference between inexpensive Prickly pear seed oil and the cost-intensive Prickly pear seed oil?

Prickly pear seed oil is not to be confused with Prickly pear flower oil. The flower oil is a macerate. Here the flowers of the Prickly pear are inserted for a defined period into inferior oil. Thereby the oil (solvent) deprives the flower certain ingredients and absorbing them. The herewith gained oil is offered as Prickly pear flower oil and is cheaper.

You should also pay attention to low-quality Prickly pear seed oil. It is gained by chemical extraction, whereby powdered Prickly pear seeds are exposed to an unhealthy solvent, like Hexan. That with a higher yield gained Prickly pear seed oil contains traces of Hexan, which is removed from the oil through heating. Unfortunately through supply heat a large part of valuable ingredients of the Prickly pear seed oil, such as vitamins and antioxidants are lost. To replace the lost active substances synthetic antioxidants are added.

From Prickly pear seeds pressed Prickly pear seed oil is a pure, fresh oil with all its valuable active ingredients.


Who can use Argan oil and Prickly pear seed oil?

Argan oil native and Prickly pear seed oil native are pure unchanged natural products, so that there are no restrictions for use. Allergy sufferers should first try the oil on a small invisible part of the body (e.g. crook of the arm) to be sure before using on the whole body.

Of course this applies also to the Argan oil from roasted seeds.


Why preferably pure Argan oil and Prickly pear seed oil should be used?

Argan oil products which are not pure organic natural products contains a small proportion of these excellent oils and in it are additives, scents and preservative include –so a chemical cocktail which can have negative effects on your skin and cause skin irritations in the longer term.

Who prefer creams, lotions or body milk should take care that no synthetic substances, no silicones such as parabens etc are contained. It is also important that these products are produced without animal ingredients, phenoxyethanol and nor petrochemical mineral oils.

Our cosmetic products which you receive in our company in future satisfy fully these requirements.

More information about that can be found under Our quality.


Flaky oil what’s the reason?

Argan oil, Prickly pear seed oil and other good oils become flaky as soon as they exposure to a low temperature. This is a natural process. At approx. 8 degrees Argan oil starts to flocculate,but its quality fully remain. Store the oil simply a bit warmer and you will notice that the flocculation stay away.


Is it possible to mix Argan oil with other oils or substances?

Yes, for sure this is possible, e.g. for self-made natural cosmetic or for change the taste. Hereby it must be noted that the hydrating and anti-aging-effect will be reduced with the mixing. At cooking oil so to say also the valuable nutrients and vitamins are diluted.


Can Argan oil and Prickly pear seed oil used for oily skin?

Yes, both oils are very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and without clogging pores. They are absorbed very well by the skin and without greasiness.


Is it possible to use Argan oil for frying?

Strong heating always harm the oil and for sure its valuable contents. Vitamins are lost and the oil can have a toxic effect. Therefore and because the oil is too valuable we recommend to add Argan oil just before the dish is ready. So it is also proceeds by the Moroccan Berber women because the unique taste and the active substances of the oil are preserved and give the dish its distinctive character.


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