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Our Quality


Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and saffron are a matter of trust

Quality guarantees and seals create confidence and clarity


Bionaturehouse-guarantee of quality – 100% natural

  • 10 years experience with our natural products – 5 years trustful cooperation with only one manufacturer

  • Own ecological cultivation projects of the producer from morocco

  • Purchase of raw materials first top quality

  • Careful and crop-friendly processing of all substances

  • Constant quality controls in the Dermo-cosmetics laboratory ensure the high quality standard of Bionaturehouse


Our argan oil and prickly pear seed oil are

  • Cold-pressed (first machine pressing) and extra virgin – they are left in their natural state and unchanged

  • Pure – they do not contain synthetic additives

  • without water - minimum storage life 24 months

  • single origin – they are not mixed with other types or cheaper oils

Quality and effectiveness

For the effectiveness of these products is quality and pureness decisive. The professional manufacturing, filling and storage are under government laboratory control. Recyclable packages, transparent and differentiated declaration are additional characteristics of our quality standard.

Constant quality control

Every charge is audited by our analytical laboratory – among others in the dermo-cosmetics laboratory – we guarantee for pureness and high quality and ensure the Bionaturehouse quality standard.

Your guarantee – our quality certificates

Our products are organic and eco certified in accordance with EC-Eco-Regulation and are

  • Not tested on animals

  • Without parabene, silicones an hormones

  • Nor phenoxyethanol

  • Pure natural products without any animal based ingredients

  • Excluding petrochemical mineral oils

  • not desodorize (straight vegetable oils)